Beautiful Breast Reduction Results Only 1 Month Post Op: Stay Tuned For Updates!*

Procedure Details

This patient came to Dr. Mountcastle's office with the chief complaint of back pain, shoulder grooves, and undesirable posture from her large breasts. She had explained her problem and pain had only worsened as time went on, and she was desperately looking to reduce her size to alleviate all discomfort. Dr. Mountcastle and patient went into surgery at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital for a bilateral breast reduction. The results you see below are spectacular indicators of how the 3-month post operative results are going to unfold. So far, at her one-month post-op appointment, she was thrilled with the progress she had made since surgery day. Healing will continue and scarring will continue to improve with time and use of scar cream. We will update her results when we see her again in 2 months!


Dr. Mountcastle's Office

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