Bilateral Reduction Mammoplasty and Lift for Patient with Uneven Breasts*

Procedure Details

There are many reasons patients seek breast reductions including complaints of bad posture, severe back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, rashes underneath breasts, tissue breakdown (open sores), and shoulder grooving (indentation caused by bra use due to heavy breasts.) Our patient experienced back and neck pain, and wanted to have the opportunity to make her breasts even. After her surgery, the breasts and areolas are smaller, they sit higher up on her chest, and are much more symmetrical than before. Her scarring will continue to improve over time with the help of scar creams, and we will see her back in another month to check on the progress.

Scarring Solutions

We like to call breast reductions a trade-off procedure; meaning you get smaller, perkier, lifted breasts for a few scars. However, with the help of scar creams, the redness in the scar will fade with time if the proper care is given to your breasts during the healing process. We sell scar creams in different sizes conveniently out of our office, and we always go over how to help reduce scarring. Be advised that scars and sun exposure DO NOT MIX.


INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital

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