Mini Makeover with BOTOX and Juvederm Volbella Injections by #BotoxByAmy*

Procedure Details

20 Units of Botox were injected into the patient's glabella, as she has done over the past year during her visits to our Medical Spa. Because she has stayed consistent with her injections, you can see the 11 lines have smoothed out in between her eyebrows, to give her a much younger, rejuvenated appearance. This last visit, our patient decided to give Juvederm Volbella a try, as she wanted a lip enhancement without overfilling or dramatically changing her look. Our R.N. and master injector, Amy Herrmann, suggested to her to start with a syringe of Juvederm Volbella. The results? Beautiful, natural, and subtle! We'll see her again in 3 months for her next Botox injection and to check up on her lips!

Natural Lips

Many patients are in search of enhancement but do not want to go over the top by dramatically changing their figure, shape, or face. Juvederm Volbella is one of those products/treatments on the market that offers natural looking results for patients who just want a little bit more than what they already have. Ask our Medical Spa today about Juvederm Volbella and see if it could be the right treatment for you!


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