3 Syringes Over 7 Months Yields Beautiful Shape with Natural Volume in Lips!*

Procedure Details

This patient wanted to achieve a modest increase in the volume of her lips over time. Juvederm Volbella is our Master Injectors favored choice among lip enhancement injectables because of the subtle, natural results it provides. This patient came into the Medical Spa in early January to discuss her options. Amy Herrmann (#BotoxByAmy) suggested Juvederm Volbella would give her the results she was looking for without tipping her hat that she had received any injections. She came back in May for her second syringe and received her third syringe in August. The pictures below show her lips at her appointment when she received her first syringe to 7 months later at her appointment receiving her 3rd syringe. She was ecstatic that she was patient and allowed time to see the results slowly come to fruition. Her lips are now the size she had been hoping for without having to jump to instant fullness that she was trying to avoid.

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