*Flower and Garden visitors: scroll to the bottom to see how to care for your wildflower seeds


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Botox Happy Hour

$10/UNIT (REGULAR $12)
ON 5/17 & 5/31


Juvederm Ultra Plus
Facial Fillers
Lasts up to 18 months!
(Regular $600)
Facial pre-summer filler special
(Regular $800)
Treat the Double Chin!
(Regular 1,200/treatment)
Mother Glows Best
Microdermabrasion + Anti aging Microneedling for face and hands
Moms Happy Hour
Microdermabrasion of face, neck and chest + a light chemical peel
Forever Mum
Christie Brinkley's Signature Rejuvenating Treatment: Microdermabrasion + Clear and Brilliant for face and neck 
Eyelash Extensions
*Mondays and Tuesdays
Demi Set $100
Full Set $200

Men's Hair Removal Deal

Full back and shoulders for only $350 per treatment


Facial Hair Special

Buy a package of six laser hair removal treatments for upper lip and get three laser hair removal chin area treatments for FREE!


Hair Free, Care Free

Buy a package of six laser hair removal treatments for bikini or underarms

Bikini $575 // Underarm $475





Thank you for visiting our booth at the 2017 Flower and Garden Festival!

To take care of your wildflower seeds follow these instructions:

*Best time to plant is Spring or late Fall in a location with full sun to partial shade to see best results

1) Loosen the top 2-3 inches of soil. Rake smooth & remove debris to create optimal seeding area

2) Plant the seed by evenly applying across desired area and rake lightly working seed into soil 1/8” to ¼”deep.

3) Keep soil moist until seeds have germinated, and apply a seed starter fertilizer to increase seeding success!