Liposuction of the Arms- No Scarring, Minimally Invasive, Beautiful Results!*

Procedure Details

This patient in her mid-30s was highly frustrated with her stubborn underarm fat that she could not get rid of. She had tried personal trainers, at home weights and diet, but saw little to no results. Finally, she sought out the help of Dr. Mountcastle to come up with a custom solution to rid her of that fat once and for all! Dr. Mountcastle performed SmartLipo and Liposuction procedures to give her these gorgeous results! Her downtime was minimal with no visible scarring and she was ecstatic with her new and improved arms!

Exercise Can't Fix Everything

Strict diet and exercise cannot always solve arm fat problems. These types of fat resistant deposits require the help of surgery to achieve the desirable, thinner look patients want. Larger, and overall fatty limbs can actually make a patient appear older than they actually are. Dr. Mountcastle has your solution for a thinner and more youthful appearance!


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