Female Patient Removes Unwanted Back Fat with Liposuction Surgery and SmartLipo*

Procedure Details

This female patient underwent tumescent liposuction with Northern Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mountcastle. Her primary issue was the fat that accumulated in her mid and upper back, creating the "back fat" "bra pad fat" look she wanted to correct. Liposuction offered her the best outcome due to the isolated areas of excess fat that were hard to get rid of with diet and working out alone. Dr. Mountcastle removed the fat pockets in her upper back and mid back to create a sleek, smooth, slimmer look. SmartLipo was also used to melt away additional fat in hard to reach areas. Our patient is thrilled with her results and no longer worries about revealing her back in a fitted dress or bathing suit.

Say Bye to Back Fat With Lipo


Dr. Mountcastle's Office

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