Patient in Mid 60's has Non-Surgical Skin Tightening for Chin in NOVA Office*


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Procedure Details

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mountcastle, specializes in liposuction utilizing his unique 5 step approach. In this particular procedure, he used a Precision TX laser on this patient to achieve the desired results. This smart laser helps to precisely contour the neck and is designed for optimal performance on small treatment areas. The patient came to the office in Ashburn, complaining of sagging, drooping skin under the chin. This is not a case where our patient could utilize Kybella injections, it was necessary for her to undergo neck liposuction. This procedure was done seamlessly out of Dr. Mountcastle's office, under the care of himself and his nurses. The patient received local anesthesia and remained awake during the entire procedure, experiencing no discomfort. She was able to walk out of the office after the procedure escorted by a family member as a simple precaution. As you will see in her pictures, she had beautiful results that provided a drastic, younger look from before!

Precision TX Mini Face Lift

Some patients do not want to undergo cosmetic surgeries that require any extended down time, and turn to alternatives like laser liposuction which are simply less invasive and involved. Dr. Mountcastle uses the Precision TX laser to treat these types of patients, especially cases involving the neck and face. This laser allows patients to have a neck lift without full blown surgery, and is especially favorable when looking for fine tuning and sculpting of an area. 


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