NOVA Female Has Full Tummy Tuck Surgery Removing Her Abdominal Apron*

Procedure Details

Our patient presented with excessive skin and fat tissue in the abdomen that created a natural "apron" that began to get in the way of everyday life. Surgical intervention with Northern Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mountcastle, included an extended tummy tuck, which removed the loose skin deformity and gave our patient a brand new figure. With an incision that extends the length of the abdomen, her stomach now appears flat, tight, and healthy. She is excited about her surgical outcome and can now wear the clothes she was not able to wear before.

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If you have loose and hanging skin in your abdomen, we invite you to call our Northern Virginia plastic surgery office for more information on how tummy tuck surgery can tranform your figure. Dr. Mountcastle is a skin removal and skin tightening plastic surgeon and incorporates the latest techniques, including liposuction, tummy tuck, and laser to create gorgeous, optimal outcomes.


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