30-Year-Old Ashburn, VA Woman Loves Her Breast Augmentation (A-Cup to C-Cup)*

Procedure Details

During her consultation with our talented, double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mountcastle, this 30-year-old female in Northern Virginia, expressed her concern for her small breasts, which is medically called micromastia (having small breasts since breast development). She didn't feel like she had a proportionate body shape, and asked Dr. Mountcastle if it were possible to have a breast augmentation surgery to go from an A-cup to a small C-cup. She and Dr. Mountcastle decided that to achieve those aesthetic goals, she would have to augment with 325cc smooth, round silicone implants. On her surgery day, Dr. Mountcastle performed this patient's breast augmentation using a inframammary incision and placed the implant below the muscle (submuscular implant placement). Her result was very natural, and fit her 5'5 frame well. This patient was delighted with the outcome of her new C-cup breasts, and enjoys having body confidence that goes along with it.


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