NOVA Patient Restores Volume With Breast Augmentation (No Nipple Reduction)*

Procedure Details

Dr. Mountcastle, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Northern Virginia works with many different patients and requests, all with varying needs. Every case is different and he makes certain each patients individual requests and desires are heard and met. This patient in her mid 30s was concerned with the overall loss of volume in her breasts after breast feeding her second child. She expressed to Dr. Mountcastle that she simply wanted to restore overall volume of the breast, and not completely change the look of them. Since the patient was happy with her areolas and nipples, we opted for a simple breast implant to best serve her requests. The patient went from a 34B to a 34C by a 339cc style 20 high profile silicone implant t0 bring back the volume to the upper pole. The implants were placed under the muscle (or sub-pectoral) to give our patient a more natural look like she desired.

Natural Looking Breasts

Some patients do not desire attention being drawn to their chest after a procedure, let alone  telling friends and family they have had a breast augmentation. Whatever the reasoning, Dr. Mountcastle is capable of helping you achieve natural, real results utilizing specific procedures and protocol in surgery. Consult with him today to discuss your personalized needs! 


INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital

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