Patient Receives Breast Augmentation to Achieve More Volume and Symmetry!*

Procedure Details

Dr. Mountcastle performed a bilateral breast augmentation on this female patient in her mid-30s. This patient was one of our first to have the opportunity to use our 3D simulation technology by Crisalix that simulated a virtual reality of her breasts with implants before her surgery. She was amazed to see her results turned out even better than she had visualized! After consulting and sizing, Dr. Mountcastle and patient decided to go with 304cc Allergan smooth, round silicone implants. Although the photo is cropped to emphasize attention to the breasts, it should be noted the patient had a very long torso and slightly uneven shoulders, which is important to consider when decided on sizing and for visual aesthetic purposes. The implant was placed submuscular to achieve the most natural results.

Boob Job

A "boob job" as you are likely aware, is slang for breast augmentation. Being aware of the technical and medically correct terminology makes research of the procedure easier, and increases your likelihood of retrieving more accurate information from credible sources. 


INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital

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