Breasts and Double Bubble Fixed After Right Saline Implant Rupture*

Procedure Details

This female patient had a history of saline implants done many years ago by a plastic surgeon in another state. Her implants had ruptured 2 weeks prior to her consultation, where in that time a double bubble had formed in her inframammary fold. She desired both implants to be lowered on the chest wall and repair the iatrogenic double bubble that had formed as a result of the rupture. She also wanted Dr. Mountcastle to increase her implant size, which we ended up switching them out for Allergan silicone implants with a lifetime warranty. Because of the nature of the procedure regarding the implant exchange and intricacy of correcting a double bubble, near perfect results are difficult to achieve. However, Dr. Mountcastle was able to successfully remove the double bubble and replace her implants to the new desired size giving her breasts a corrected, rejuvenated, and more youthful appearance! Note in the after photo her shoulders were not even when the picture was taken giving the illusion of the breasts being slightly uneven.

Understand Double Bubbles

Learn more on what a double bubble is and how it is formed here


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