Breast Reconstruction DIEP Flap*

Procedure Details

This patient came into Doctor Mountcastle's office post bilateral mastectomy. She wanted a total breast reconstruction to return the female form she remembered having pre-breast cancer. We celebrated her win in her battle with breast cancer, and wanted to help her get back to her life with the body she desired. The patient underwent a DIEP flap which is a very advanced extensive 10 hour surgery that used flaps from the abdomen to recreate breasts. This method can be used in patients who have enough abdominal tissue and for patients who don't want to go the route of expanders and implants. A procedure like this can take more time to heal and sometimes require additional surgeries to revise areas of the breast and or tummy. The patient finished off by doing an areola reconstruction with bilateral tattooing done by our nurse Amy Herrmann. She was very pleased with the results and we were so happy to see her glowing again!



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