Male Breast Reduction Yields New, Even Masculine Chest*


18 - 29
5’ 6” - 6’ 0”
150 - 199 lbs

Procedure Details

This patient came to Dr. Mountcastle with the chief complaint of an uneven and enlarged left breast. This patient frequented the gym and led a very active lifestyle, but could not get rid of the excess tissue in his left breast. In the gym this patient spent much of his time in the weight room focusing on chest exercises; from chest flys with cables and dumbbells both incline and declined to countless push-ups, but there was no improvement in the shrinking of the left breast. We understood his concern and wanted to help him resolve his problem by offering a male breast reduction to once and for all get rid that stubborn fatty tissue! Dr. Mountcastle prescribed a Gynecomastia in order to reduce the enlargement of the left breast. This was achieved through a 2 hour procedure in the convenience of our office in the heart of Northern Virginia using laser liposuction. The patient was allowed to leave after an hour spent recuperating in the office.

Flatter Firmer & Masculine

Increased breast tissue is not an uncommon medical issue for men. Doctor Mountcastle understands and sympathizes with patients and is happy to offer the opportunity to have a firmer and more masculine chest that these men have always desired. Especially in cases like these, where patients work so hard to achieve physical results but cannot achieve them fully without medical direction. In the comfort of our Ashburn office, patients can have the confidence to discuss and move forward with procedures to get them back on their feet holding their heads up high and chests out proud!


Dr. Mountcastle's Office

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