Male Breast Reduction*

Procedure Details

This young male patient came into us with the main concern of obvious extra breast tissue located on both breasts. He was discouraged by the hard work he put into his body in the gym, and with a concentration in chest workouts and clean diet, he realized his case was more than excess fat caused by lack of exercise. The shape of his breasts were more feminine in shape and size, and the best solution to rid this condition was Laser Liposuction. His procedure was done in a 1.5-hour long office surgery under the care of Dr. Mountcastle and his nurses. Below you can see his 1-month post-op results, which were hugely successful in achieving his body goals. 

The Small Things

A simple in-office surgery by Dr. Mountcastle can make the world of a difference for our patients! His look has drastically changed for the better, and now matches his toned body!


Dr. Mountcastle's Office

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