Flattened Male Breasts Achieved through Fat Excision in Gynecomastia Procedure*

Procedure Details

Dr. Timothy Mountcastle saw this young male patient in our Ashburn office for a consultation regarding his unhappiness with his enlarged breasts. After examining the trouble area, Dr. Mountcastle advised an excision technique would be best used with a Gynecomastia procedure to yield the patient with the most optimal results. The patient came back to the office to have the procedure done in our certified clinic one week later. Dr. Mountcastle made small incisions below the nipple and removed the fat from the breast tissue during the procedure. He sutured the incision sites and the patient came back several times to check on the progress of the healing. This after photo was taken 3 months post operative which showcases the success of the procedure. The patient mentioned how pleased he was with the healing and overall results during his last appointment.

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Laser liposuction is another alternative to removing fatty tissue from the breast area in male breast reduction cases. Come in to consult with our certified nurses and double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mountcastle, to determine which technique will help you reach the best results for your body 703-858-3208


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