Breast Cancer Survivor Gets Bilateral Areola Tattoo*


40 - 49
5’ 6” - 6’ 0”
200 - 249 lbs

Procedure Details

This patient had bilateral areola tattooing done after a breast and nipple reconstruction with Dr. Mountcastle. For many patients after having a mastectomy, and in this patients case a double mastectomy, loss of areolas can be a difficult and constant reminder of their battle with cancer. We offer relief from these painful reminders and patients the opportunity to have breasts that resemble those of their pre-mastectomy form. She was very happy to look in the mirror and visualize her very own breasts with distinguished areolas and nipples. Her breast cancer journey has finally come to a close with the final touches of new, revitalized breasts.

Nipple Areola Procedure

This procedure is designed to restore pigmentation for patients who have lost their color, edured fading or a total loss of color on areolas due to a mastectomy. If you've ever recieved a body tattoo, this procedure resembles tattooing in several ways- but for medical purposes. Utilizing different colors that match the patients skin tone and pigmentation, nurses are able to give the illusion of a natural looking areola adding the final touches to a total breast reconstrution. 


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