Giant Keloid Removal*

Procedure Details

Keloid can form in all shapes and sizes. This patient had suffered from keloid growths for several years. that were previously removed without getting intralesional steroid injections, which caused lesions to grow back when the patient became pregnant. Due to the patient pregnancy keloid treatment had to be postponed after child birth.

Steps to treating a keloid?

The full treatment for steroids takes about 3-4 months to complete. Typically a patient comes in for a consultation where we prescribe kenalog (steroid injection use to stop the growht of a keloid) the patient then returns for their first set of steroid injection. 4 weeks after the first set of injection the patient returns for a second steroid injection/ excision. Sutures are removed one week post surgery. Once sutures are removed, it's recommended to begin focal compression using a compression earring (this minimizes the chances of keloid growth). Three weeks after suture are removed the patient will come in for their final steroid injection. We have found this method prevents reocurring growths.



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