NOVA Woman Gets Juvederm, Voluma, BOTOX - Liquid Facelift With Gorgeous Results!*

Procedure Details

This young female patient came to see us with moderate wrinkles and lines. She wanted to address them sooner before the wrinkles became more noticeable and deeper. After a skin analysis, it was decided that several injections could be used and blended together to give our patient what is know essentially as a "Liquid Facelift". Amy used BOTOX to treat forehead wrinkles and lines, as well as Crow's Feet, and used injectable fillers to smooth our patient's nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and the fine lines around the mouth and lips. Because of her age, and the fact that her lines at rest were moderate, smaller doses worked great. In her photos below, you can see her results show a glowing complexion. Subtle changes that look natural, younger, and beautiful!


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