Varicose Vein Treatment For NOVA Woman Using Vnus Closure and RF Ablation*

Procedure Details

What a dramatic outcome! This woman came to our Northern Virgina plastic surgery and vein clinic because of visible and unsightly varicose veins that worsened each year. They caused her anxiety and she was very self conscious anytime she knew her legs were exposed. Dr. Mountcastle is a vein removal expert and offers several advanced techniques for cases like this, and for this specific patient, he chose to do separate treatments to optimize the outcome. First he did radiofrequency ablation of the great saphenous vein (GSV), followed by a second procedure known as an ambulatory phlebectomy, which removes the vein through a small incision. The results shown below are just 2 weeks after the procedure. Her dark, purple, varicose veins are gone. A smooth, clear leg appearance is the result. Our patient is ecstatic over her outcome!

Vein Removal In NOVA

Dr. Mountcastle uses advanced technology, skill, and experience to treat even the most severe and complex varicose vein conditions. If you have unsightly varicose veins or spider veins, please contact our Northern Virgina cosmetic surgery office and vein clinic to understand your options. We can assist you and schedule your consultation.


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