Kybella Procedure Explained

Watch as one patient discusses her reasoning for getting the Kybella procedure and why she chose Mountcastle Medical Spa & Laser Center Lauren: Hi, guys. I'm Lauren. Today I'm getting Kybella. Speaker 2: What is your reasoning for getting it today? Lauren: Basically, in high school I was really insecure about my double chin. It took me up until now. I'm 25 years old, and it never went away no matter how much I lose weight, gain weight. It's always there in candid pictures and just normal pictures of me you can see it. It just made my insecurities really bad. Speaker 2: Right. What made you choose Mount Castle Med Spa? Lauren: Basically, my mom did a Google search, came in. I met with Amy. She was incredible. My mom actually got her lips injected and gave me a recommendation. I met with Amy, and she was awesome. I'm very excited for today. Speaker 2: Are you nervous or anything about the procedure? Lauren: Definitely nervous but more excited just because this is something that has really bothered me for so long. Speaker 2: Right. You found us online. Did you do any research about past patients that had had the procedure? Lauren: I did. Everybody had great results especially with Amy. She is incredible, like I said. She just makes you feel really at ease when you come in to meet with her. Speaker 2: It sounds like you're really excited. I'll let Amy come in, and you can do the procedure. We'll meet up with you later. Lauren: All right, thanks. Amy: Hi, I'm Amy. Today we're doing Kybella on Lauren. We're going to start by just cleansing the area here with some alcohol. The first thing I always do before Kybella is make some markings on the patient. This allows us to know where the safe areas are to inject. The first marking we'll make is just a straight line down the marionette line here. We just start right in the corner of the mouth and dot it straight down. The second marking, probably one of the most important ones is right below the jawline here. What we're trying to avoid here is this manidublar nerve which lies up along the jawline here, so I make a line about a half inch away from that just to make sure we're out of that zone. Then we're going to come right here and make a line because we want to make sure that we're injecting the Kybella into subcutaneous fat and not just skin. We definitely make our line there because there's nothing up here we can inject. Then we're going to come down through here and make a line right around where the thyroid would be. By making all these lines we've created our injection zone, which is right here. That's typically the submental fat area that we're going to be treating. The next thing we'll do is get the little transfer tattoo on. Just put that right on, and then we'll be using a cold cloth here just to get those dots to transfer to her skin. The dots are going to act as a template as to exactly where we're putting our injections there. Speaker 2: What is the meaning of the different colored dots? Amy: Just different rows just so that you don't get confused when you're going in your pattern because we'll go five rows with about four or five sticks each. All right, your little ice pack here. I'll let you put that on there. We're back with Lauren here. We're going to start her injections. I've given her an ice pack, and she's been holding that on there for about a minute or so to help numb up the area. We'll start with our first row. I'll have you take the ice away. Good. As you can see, we're in our safe zone. We've got one, two, three, four, five rows. I pulled out five different syringes. We'll start with the first row. We're going to pinch and then go right on the little dot. Little pinch here, Lauren. There's the first stick. Good. Per injection site for this specific patient we're doing 0.2 ccs. That's the first row. Go ahead and ice for a second. She'll feel those initial sticks. Then probably in the next 10, 15 seconds she might start to feel a little burning, tingling sensation. Does it feel okay so far? Lauren: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Amy: All right, we'll go to row two. Little stick here. Again, we're just going straight down the row, 0.2 ccs each time. That's the second row. Go ahead and ice for a sec there. Are you starting to feel a burning from the first row? Lauren: Yeah. Amy: Tolerable? Lauren: Yeah. Amy: All right, go ahead. Move it away. Now we're coming to the middle row here. I always pinch before I inject too because it helps just to take off the sting. Let me come to this side. Lauren: I'm feeling the burn now. Amy: The burn is kicking in now. We've gotten through about three rows, and she's really starting to feel the burn now. Usually, the burning sensation doesn't last for much longer than about five minutes. Just straight down the row again. Go ahead and ice. Now we are going to do our last row. You doing okay? Lauren: Yeah. Amy: Okay. It's the last row here we're going to stick. When you'