Laser Lipo Part 3 of 6

Dr. Mountcastle demonstrating the process of Laser Lipo. Smartlipo Triplex with a ... Doing a flank skin broad pass with our laser. You can see the red light being passed underneath the skin, that's at the tip of the laser. We are passing a 7.5 watt by 12. watt, 1440 by 1064 nanometer joules of electricity through this laser. For heat is 1014, 40, 1064, 7.5 by 12.5 watts. You're using a green fiber and we're going to put 2,000 joules of energy into each of these different areas that are drawn up. 2,000 joules in the love handles and 2,000 joules in the bra pad area. We started at, you can see over there, 4,000 and now we're going to get to 6,000 on this, and then from 6,000 to 8,000 on the bra pads. You can kind of see the numbers going up and we're counting them, and there's an assistant over here who's being diligent and not playing around with her cell phone.