Laser Lipo Part 5 of 6

Dr. Mountcastle demonstrating the process of Laser Liposuction. The third step, after melting and breaking up the fat, is liposuction. We are about to do the third part. We do liposuction. We use a cannula that only has suctioning on one side. You can see the other three sides don't have anything. This is three serrated tips. When we go in we're going to go like this, and we're going to go like this, and we're going to go like this. In each of the different areas. We'll do that a multiple times. This is the suction ... I mean, I'm sorry. This is the fourth part. This is the suctioning part. As you can see here in the tubing the tissue's coming out very easily. You're going to be able to see like ... That whole tube is going to fill up with fatty tissue. You're going to see ... emulsified, liquefied tissue. You can see it just coming right through the tube very easily. We're at 400. Before did you take a picture of our starting point over there? Okay. We're at starting at 400. We got 400 out of the right side, and now we're going to get 400 out of this side. Okay?