Vanishing Spider Veins!

Watch as Amy treats spider veins with sclerotherapy. Okay, so we are going to inject her spider vein today. We're going to start right here. A little stick. You can kind of watch it travel through the whole thing. We try and inject the feeders that are feeding the very large clusters, and kind of watch it travel up. Then as it starts to bleb we just kind of pull away and then milk it back up there. So that now that I got the feeder into this cluster I'll come back and just inject the little spider veins surrounding it. Speaker 2: Ow. Speaker 1: You doing okay? Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: You'll feel little stings as it goes through, but you can see we kinda have tackled the whole top of this cluster, so I'll just keep going until I meet resistance. Pull that out and then just kinda massage it throughout. Then we'll come to the bottom half here. Just very slowly inject, because they are teeny tiny little vessels and we don't want to put too much pressure on the syringe or else we can blow the vein. Kind of massage it throughout and then we'll come to the bottom of this. You can see afterwards it's very red and very irritated and that's just the solution, the Asclera that we use going in there, kind of irritating that vein lining which is exactly what we want. Okay?