Just in Time for Halloween.. Freeze Bat Wings Away with CoolSculpting!

Welcome to Mountcastle Medical Spa & Laser Center! Today, Maria Foster treats Ragan with the new CoolSculpting applicator for the ARMS! Bingo flaps, bingo arms, bat wings, or whatever you call your unwanted fat in that trouble area can be treated at our Top 250 facility! Come see us today!


Maria:          Hi, guys. This is Maria. I'm here with Reagan. Today we are doing a CoolSculpting treatment. We treated Reagan's arms. Exciting news is that we're using the new CoolSculpting hand piece, is only a 35 minute treatment. How do you feel, Reagan?

Reagan:       It feels fine. My arm ... I can't really ... It's numb at this point. It felt cold at first, there was a little bit of suction, but not even really ... I wouldn't even say it was uncomfortable, just non-numb. Just hanging out.

Maria:          Perfect. We have three more minutes of treatment, and then you guys are going to get to see how it looks after the CoolSculpting.
                    Okay, guys, so we are done with our treatment, so as you can see, there is some redness, but our patient is very comfortable. Now we're going to massage the area, just to break down some of those fat cells that have been frozen. This is like a two minute massage, but as you can see, Reagan is very comfortable. 
                    Now with the new CoolSculpting applicator, it's only 35 minute procedure. It's more comfortable for the patient. 

Reagan:       Definitely more comfortable afterwards, too.

Maria:          Yes.

Reagan:       Yes. A lot less swelling and tenderness, soreness. But definitely with the actual treatment, it was a lot more comfortable. Even right now, my arm's pretty ... It's pretty numb, so I can feel that you're massaging it, but this tends to be, I think, the least comfortable part of the treatment, but it's really not bad.

Maria:          Right. Now we're going to evaluate the area in three months to see the final results.