What is Kybella? - Mountcastle Plastic Surgery - Ashburn, VA

A Kybella injection can reshape the neck without an operation to reduce a double chin. Kybella is approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

About Kybella

My name is Meredith West. I'm a physician assistant that works here at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery. 

Kybella is the first ever injectable for submental fat, which a lot of people would also call their double chin. It's a permanent reduction in the fat in that area. We do several injections. Anywhere from two to four is the average. You would need two to four injections spaced about six weeks apart, after which you would notice a reduction of the fat, or the double chin in that area, which would improve your profile. Which would also improve the definition in your jaw line, and also reducing the fat in that area.

A successful Kybella patient would come back for, like I said, anywhere from two to four treatments. About two to three months after the last treatment, they would notice the reduction of fat in that area. They would notice an improvement in their profile, and more definition in their jaw line.