What is Smart Lipo? - Mountcastle Plastic Surgery - Ashburn, VA

Using laser-assisted lipolysis to target, liquefy and eliminate fat from the body, SmartLipo results in a trimmer, fitter look.

About SmarLipo

My name is Timothy Mountcastle. I am the medical director and I am a double board certified General Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon. 

My name is Kaitlyn Buehler and I am the Surgical Registered Nurse at [inaudible 00:00:18] Plastic Surgery and Vein Institute. 

The type of laser liposuction that we do here in this office is called SmartLipo or Smart Lipotriplex. SmartLipo is one of the first brand names of laser lipo. The triplex means it's in its third version and there's three different laser wave lengths that this laser has. It's the patient when they've had children, lost some skin elasticity. That's when you really need that extra laser for the skin tightening ability of the laser to help out with that.

The results are a lot of time most dependent on the patient. Some people ... some patients come in with four, five inches of pinchable fat, they're going to see a much more demonstrable result than somebody who comes in one inch of pinchable fat. To go from five inches to one inch or one inch to half an inch, is a lot more demonstrable result. What you looked like before, is a lot of ... That's one of the things we always try to set is expectations.