Patient Testimonial - Mountcastle Plastic Surgery - Ashburn, VA

Patient Testimonial - Mountcastle Plastic Surgery - Ashburn, VA

Patient Testimonial

My name is Ashley. And I was watching TV one day and I saw a commercial for cool sculpting and it looked like something that I could benefit from. And I had kind of had trouble losing weight after my pregnancy. I had a sports injury from the military and I knew that I needed help more so than what I was doing. And I did a Google search just to see who around here offered cool sculpting so I could come and get a consultation. And by far, Doctor Mountcastle and his staff had the est reviews. And I came in. I got a consultation. I met Reagan.

And they really talked to me about the process and how I could benefit from it. And I decided to go a head and do it. And after the first treatment, I saw really good results. Every time I come in, they're always helpful. They're always smiling. They never try to sell you on something or make you do something you're uncomfortable with. They have a real conversation. They actually listen to you.

And that was one thing when I first came here, even Doctor Mountcastle, they weren't doing the majority of the talking. They let me talk and they let me express exactly what I was thinking and the goals that I wanted to reach. And based off of what I said, they explained how they could help in different ways and they showed me different options. And that, to me, that was very helpful 'cause not ever having done this before, coming in for the first time, and having somebody that'll actually listen to your concerns, that made a huge difference.

And that's what keeps bringing me back here, because they actually ... It feels like they actually care about you as a person and a patient. And I feel like I'm in great hands here, so that's why I keep coming back to this place.