What are Dermal Fillers? - Mountcastle Plastic Surgery - Ashburn, VA

Dermal Fillers by Dr. Timothy Mountcastle in Ashburn, VA

About Dermal Fillers

My name is Amy Herrmann. I'm a registered nurse here at Mountcastle Med Spa. I am responsible for doing all the injectables and today, we are talking about dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are an injectable used typically to add volume where you've lost volume or to contour the face. We love you to come in, do a consultation. We can kind of area which areas bother you, and then from there give you all the different options and what filler might work best for you. 

Dermal fillers are fun because you can see the results a lot more immediately, whereas Botox you have to wait a couple weeks, but with fillers, you can look in the mirror and almost see an instant change in your face. It really does take a couple weeks to settle out and become part of you before you feel comfortable with your final results, so having you come back in, making sure that the results are what we wanted them to be when we do an injectable like this, we always take a pre-photo, so comparing pre and post photos to make sure we got what we wanted out of it.