Breast Augmentation - Dr Mountcastle reviews Breast Augmentation

Patients do come in for breast augmentation range from 18 to 55. There's patients of all ages come in seeking breast augmentation. We can either do implants or fat injections now to augment patient's breasts. Augmentations can be either with saline or a silicone type implants, or even with using their own fat. Some people call it fat grafting. Fat grafting is basically liposuction but it's using different techniques to actually gather the fat, whereas in traditional liposuction you're using a large pressure to remove the fat. Fat grafting, the harvesting of fat is done with greater care, under lower pressures and with more careful consideration for the fat. Once you take the fat out of the body then you actually centrifuge it down and procure it a much more delicate fashion before you place it back into the breast. The procedure itself takes around an hour. The recovery is usually about a week of swelling and discomfort. Typically it's more of a muscular cramping discomfort if you put it under the muscle. If you do not put it under the muscle patients tend to recover a little bit quicker than when you put it under the muscle. Patients love this procedure. That's why it's the most popular procedure in the United States. Patients love being able to fit into those clothes that they never were able to fit into before. It's just something that really puts a smile on patient's faces.